Car Buyer's Agent

7 Car Pal Fun Facts

At Car Pal, we enjoy getting to know our clients and the buying choices they make. Here’s what we’ve observed over the past six years.

  1. Our clients choose used vehicles as frequently as they choose new ones.
  2. For new vehicles, 18%Β of our customers lease rather than purchase outright.
  3. 80% of our clients have a post-graduate degree.
  4. 65% of our clients are men.
  5. 78% of our clients are over 40.
  6. 60% of our clients purchase new vehicles every 5 years or longer.
  7. While our central offices are in NC, we help clients all over the United States, including Alaska.

Save Time and Money

Our Clients Save Up to $5,000 Over What They Negotiate on Their Own