The Minute You Step Into A Car Dealership

As we “celebrate” April Fool’s Day, don’t forgetβ€”there are no fools like the fools who believe they can get a “better deal” without hiring a car-buyer! The minute you go there into a car dealer, you’re losing. But it’s so easy to be fooled because the personnel are trained to invite you in. EVEN NOW with COVID!

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Example One:Β Β Koons Chrysler Jeep in MD. Having brokered two deals here (one in NC, the other in NY,) I have become well-acquainted with Stacie, the Internet Manager. Every state has different rules regarding car sales, but Koons (and many other dealerships) only have skeleton staffing at this time. In order to observe the current requirements for social distancing, Stacie explained to me that while they sold 40 cars yesterday, the clients were lined up on the sidewalk, waiting their turn. These conditions are far from ideal, and the wait times for paperwork are longer than ever. And of course, once you have the final paperwork the finance manager is going to pressure you to buy “vital” protection plans, service plans, and warranties. These are often sold at 500% markups and more. Now exhausted, buyers are even more likely to purchase what they don’t need just to get out of there!

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Example Two:Β A Honda dealership in Texas promises “Free Delivery” on their website. Car Pal calls in for the pricing, and it jumps up from the Internet price of $23,500 to $24,500. I ask the manager why the price jumped up by $1000. Guess why? For the delivery fee. The message is abundantly clear to us. Even with special offers, car dealerships are there to make a profit. They might make an offer to lure you in, but buyer beware, it is likely going to be offset by some bundle of charges that will more than make up for their “discount.” The house always wins!

Keep in mind:

Every day buyers are lured into a false sense of “the DEAL,” like no interest for 84 months offers and other manufacturer incentives. This is NOT a discountβ€”it’s an incentive. Once you overpay for the vehicle, the 0% is offset tenfold.

Also, beware, there is a significant cost associated with COVID-19 offers of “free” and extra “conveniences.” They are, as always, imaginary.

Stay OUT of the car dealerships. There is never a reason to go in, especially now. Car Pal offers FREE consultations! Tell your friends we will happily chat with them at no charge to let them know the options they’ve may not have considered.

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