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The Value of Using a Car Buyer’s Agent

When prospective clients come to our website, they see the full service fee of $695.00, and I think sometimes they say to themselves, “Run for the hills!” The irony here is that our service fee is—100% of the time—free. Here’s why: while $695 is a lot of money, it is best viewed in terms of what you save as a result of using Car Pal Car Buying Service. The thing to run from is attempting to buy a car without the assistance of a trained professional. Here are three of MANY of the places you will save money:

Your trade in

If you have one, we’ll get you more; often FAR more than you can negotiate on your own.

Your purchase price

Yes, yes, there are so many online resources, but none of them hold you by the hand and speak to the dealer on your behalf. NOTHING trumps this; no website buying service. At best, you will find a “lead” service where if you enter your information, that site (such as Edmunds or USAA) will sell your name to various ‘participating’ dealers.

Your interest rate

If you finance, we’ll help you save on your interest rate. Oh, 3.9 or 4.2% interest sounds great for 72 months? But what if Car Pal could find you a program that offers 1.9% for 72 months? Over time, this can keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket or bank, where the money belongs.

In short, our services are all about value. If the value is not there, we do not require our clients to pay us. Fortunately, at the end of every car purchase, we have ONLY had delighted clients.

For these reason and more, consider a free consultation with a Car Pal representative.

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