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Car Pal Examines: Are You in The Best Car Dealership to Buy a Car?

There are so many critical considerations that go into buying a car. We 
strongly believe that your car should be your pal! We will discuss many of the considerations to keep in mind over the next few months, but first things first, how to select the perfect car dealership.

Four indications you are in a great car dealership:

1. Your salesperson treats you as if you are intelligent and perhaps even know more than s/he does.

2. You don’t feel rushed or pushed into making a purchase decision. Your personal timing is paramount, not the needs of the dealership.

3. You feel listened to. Your needs are repeated back to you, and you feel  that you are understood.

4. You sense that the people around you are being treated with integrity, including the salespeople themselves (by their superiors).

Four indications that you are in the wrong dealership:

1. You have to wait an unreasonable length of time for something rather insignificant such as a set of keys being found for a test drive or a price on a vehicle you just drove.

2. There isn’t anyone available to help you and/or you feel discriminated against either by how you look or how you dress. Some of the wealthiest people dress down when they are out to make a purchase, they do this on purpose because what they wear should have no relationship to the service they receive.

3. It is clear that management treats the sales staff with disrespect. That stuff rolls downhill, beware!

4. You are pushed to make a decision NOW. My mother always said, “when in doubt, don’t.” This wisdom applies specifically to car buying and makes it easy to say, “I better not as I don’t have clarity right now that this car will be my best choice for a new pal”. With such a large purchase, better to be 100% certain and have 0% misgivings, or it’s a good time to wait until later.

Bonus signs that you have found the right place to buy your new or used  car.

 - The salesperson asks you if you would like calls or emails after you leave. Then s/he respects your preferred contact method.
– The sales manager makes it a point to meet you before you leave. Not to push you to change your mind and ”buy now,” but to make sure all of your questions have been answered and needs have been fulfilled.

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