Customer Writes Poem About Her New Used Car

We love our clients because they are unique and creative people and we get to know each one during the car buying process. And our clients love us back and sometimes share their passions with us. What follows is a poem written by our recent client, Barbara Loots.


All shiny from the dealer’s inventory,
its scars touched up, its tires and wipers new,
its flashy looks conceal a secret story.

The brilliant scarlet paint proclaims the glory
days of someone’s youthful dream come true.
Found nowhere in the dealer’s inventory:

the list of reasons someone had to worry
because the job got lost, the girlfriend, too,
her flashy looks a disappointing story,

the cold dispatch of every I’m so sorry,
depreciated hopes returning to
the showroom of some dealer’s inventory.

What problems should we guess about before we
claim the shifts of fortune, points of view
assembled on four wheels, a future story,

before we’re added to the category
of complicated things that people do,
this package from a dealer’s inventory
that so conceals a long and secret story?

Barbara Loots
June 2020

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