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How Two Car Pal Clients Save Huge Money when Buying a New Car

Examples of some of the huge savings our clients have received from using Car Pal to buy their vehicles:

Karen Johnson of Greensboro, NC had no trade in and knew exactly what 2011 Honda Accord she wanted to purchase. She concluded that she couldn’t afford Car Pal’s services, but was willing to pay the $200 retainer for some advice. After she gathered every last detail of expense for her purchase (including rate, warranty, gap insurance and a service plan) we analyzed and comparison shopped. Total savings: $480 on warranty, $240 on gap insurance, scrapped the service plan and 2% savings on an already excellent rate ($1,291 less over five years). Over five years, net savings: $2,011 (and this amount doesn’t include the $520 we saved her on the purchase price of the Honda – $520 lower than the lowest internet price available.)

Ron Simon of New Jersey, called us to save money on a Sequoia lease. We could not find a deal he was happy with in New Jersey, but found a deal in North Carolina that was $158/less/month and had more equipment than he was pricing in NJ! On a 39 month lease that saved him $6,162 over the life of the lease. This was worth the day he and his family spent on the road from New Jersey to North Carolina and back. Our fee of $1259 was only a fraction of what we saved the Simon family.

NB: 98% of our clients buy close to home, that’s how we arrange it. In rare exception, if the deal is thousands of dollars better out of town, we give our clients the option to travel for these additional savings.

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