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Shipping your newly purchased vehicle from elsewhere is easy with Car Pal's help.

Shipping a Vehicle Long Distance: Steps for Receiving an Out of State Car Purchase

By Lindsay Graham | November 11, 2018

Car Pal, LLC can help you purchase the vehicle of your choice and have it shipped to you from elsewhere in the US. When your vehicle arrives, this checklist will help you to inspect it properly before you sign anything, so you don’t miss any important steps. …

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Aaron Flickinger discusses the secret sauce of outstanding customer service in car sales.

Aaron Flickinger, Car Pal Sales Superstar

By Lindsay Graham | February 28, 2018

Aaron Flickinger of New Holland Auto Group in New Holland, PA believes in customer care. In this interview, he discusses the measures that he and his dealership take to personalize the service they provide….

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Ryan Jones discusses what drives him to provide outstanding customer service in car sales.

Five Minutes with Car Pal Sales Superstar Ryan Jones

By Lindsay Graham | March 7, 2017

Ryan Jones of Classic Honda in Orlando, FL discusses why he loves his work, and what helps him achieve sales success….

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Car Pal National Car Buying Service helps clients through every step of buying vehicles.

Happy Sixth Birthday, Car Pal!

By Lindsay Graham | December 27, 2016

It’s Car Pal’s sixth birthday! For six years, industry insider Lindsay Graham has led the Car Pal National Car Buying Service to the delight of hundreds of customers. In this interview, she discusses what’s behind her success….

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At Car Pal, we enjoy getting to know our clients and the buying choices they make, such as this Toyota Corolla.

7 Car Pal Fun Facts

By Lindsay Graham | November 28, 2016

At Car Pal, we enjoy getting to know our clients and the buying choices they make. Here’s what we’ve observed over the past six years….

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At Car Pal, the best practices we follow help our clients get their best deals on vehicles like this red Toyota Sienna.

Five Best Practices I Follow at Car Pal

By Lindsay Graham | October 24, 2016

Consistent success depends on working methodically and ethically! In this post, Car Pal founder Lindsay Graham shares five of the best practices she follows in her day-to-day operations….

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Buying a car online? Here are five easy steps.

Five Ways to Simplify Your Online Car Purchase

By Lindsay Graham | October 6, 2016

You’ve decided that you would prefer to buy a car online rather than driving from dealership to dealership. However, you would like to streamline your efforts and avoid the hassle. Here are five of the best practices recommended by your Car Pal….

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A car buyer's agent can help you negotiate the best trade-in deal.

What Should I Know About Trade-In Negotiations?

By Lindsay Graham | September 29, 2016

Do you know this important trade-in tip?…

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Know what to check in the interior of any car you consider buying.

Used Car Interior Inspection: What to Check

By Lindsay Graham | September 15, 2016

When you buy a new-to-you used car, it is important that it looks shiny and appealing on the outside. But what about the inside? Here are five important things to check before you buy….

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