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Yet Another Way to Make Money using Car Pal

The other day I posted a T or F question on Facebook.  This is what it said:  “True or False: Car Pal saves people far more money than they spend to cover Car Pal’s fee when they buy a car, truck or SUV, new or used?”

The answer, of course, was True. 

My thought for today was, Car Pal actually helps people make money, not save it. 

Last week’s case in point:  One of our clients had a total loss on his car.  So, I said, “When you get the insurance settlement amount, please be sure to tell them that you’ll have to research and get back to them.  Then pass all the information over to Car Pal.”  The settlement was $19,500 and Geico told our client that it was not worth his energy to put together comps, but he could do so if he wanted.  Car Pal took this “no” as the grand challenge and went to work.

The end result?  $20,100 for his totalled vehicle instead of the original $19,500 offering from Geico.  That $600.00 gain alone more than paid for Car Pal’s services.  In addition to that, however, the client didn’t have any of the hassle related to phone calls and emails to 6 or 7 dealerships trying to find the used car that met his needs.  Car Pal did all that for him, and this cost him $447.00 which was $153.00 less than we made him on his boosted insurance check!

Car Pal’s argument yet again, “you can’t afford not to use us!”

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