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How to Purchase a For Sale By Owner Car, Truck, or SUV

By Lindsay Graham | June 10, 2019

Many people consider a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) vehicle because they can often save hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars off a similarly equipped used car from a car dealership. Here are the seven easy steps to making a successful FSBO vehicle purchase….

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Be sure to do these important things after you bring home the car you've just purchased from a dealership.

What Should I Do After I Take My Car Home From the Dealership?

By Lindsay Graham | June 5, 2019

Whether you’ve bought your car new or a used car from a dealership, there are important steps to take once you get it home. Do you know what they are?…

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It pays to get all the facts before you consider buying a former rental car. Photo credit: Robert Haverly on Unsplash

What Should I Know About Buying a Former Rental Car?

By Stephanie Baum | April 2, 2019

Many rental car companies offer their former rental vehicles for sale—often at prices below market value and with warranties that seem reasonable. Buying a former rental car sounds like a good way to get a good deal. After all, rental companies regularly service and maintain their vehicles; what could go wrong? Here’s what you should know.

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Two drivers inspect damage to their cars after an accident

What Happens to My Car’s Value After an Accident?

By Stephanie Baum | March 26, 2019

After a car accident, your car may lose resale value, even if you have it repaired. This is known as diminished value. Diminished value affects you according to the details of the damage, the repairs, your insurance, and the state where you live. How should you handle this if it happens to you? Here’s what you should know.

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Car Pal client signs her paperwork for a vehicle at a Subaru dealership in Berkeley, CA

7 Important Things to Do Before You Sign for Your Next Vehicle

By Lindsay Graham | March 5, 2019

Whether you’re at home or at a dealership, here are seven important things to do before you sign the purchase papers for your next new or used vehicle….

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A beautifully restored antique vehicle sits in the sunshine. Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs), more commonly referred to as extended warranties, can be a great purchase under the right conditions.

Should I Purchase an Extended Warranty (Vehicle Service Contract)?

By Stephanie Baum | February 5, 2019

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs), more commonly referred to as extended warranties, can be a great purchase under the right conditions. Do you know what to consider?…

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As the year ends, many car dealers ramp up their ads and offer incentives on new car purchases made before December 31.

Ask Car Pal: What Should I Know About Making an End-of-Year Car Purchase?

By Stephanie Baum | November 15, 2018

As the calendar year winds to a close, many car dealers are ramping up their ads and offering incentives on new car purchases made before December 31. Is this a good time of year to buy a new car? What should you consider? Here are Car Pal’s recommendations….

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Shipping your newly purchased vehicle from elsewhere is easy with Car Pal's help.

Shipping a Vehicle Long Distance: Steps for Receiving an Out of State Car Purchase

By Lindsay Graham | November 11, 2018

Car Pal, LLC can help you purchase the vehicle of your choice and have it shipped to you from elsewhere in the US. When your vehicle arrives, this checklist will help you to inspect it properly before you sign anything, so you don’t miss any important steps. …

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Aaron Flickinger discusses the secret sauce of outstanding customer service in car sales.

Aaron Flickinger, Car Pal Sales Superstar

By Lindsay Graham | February 28, 2018

Aaron Flickinger of New Holland Auto Group in New Holland, PA believes in customer care. In this interview, he discusses the measures that he and his dealership take to personalize the service they provide….

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