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What To Say to a Pushy Car Dealer

1547402Alter as needed for you, of course, this is just to suggest the basic idea/outline and to help you move smoothly and rapidly through the car dealership at test drive time.   These answers apply if you have retained Car Pal to assist you, however, feel free to adapt creatively to suit your specific situation.  The idea here is to streamline your time spent at the car dealership and to attend to your agenda, your wants and needs, and not the dealer’s agenda.  Remember, this is about YOU, not them.  This is easy to forget when the dealer attempts to have you submit to their agenda rather than your own.

Question:  “Would you like to go over some numbers and figures on your trade?” (or whatever question they ask you that has nothing to do with facts and information about the cars you’re interested in…)

Answer:  “No thank you, this is just for a test drive.  Car Pal (or substitute, “my friend” “Lindsay” “friend of the family” or whatever you’re most comfortable with) will be handling all the details of this transaction.  They just sent me here for the test drive, because if I chose this car, this is the most convenient dealer to purchase it from if the service/terms/price winds up to be the best.

Question: “Can I get your email address and phone number?”

Answer: “Lindsay should have given you all the contact information to reach her.  I have authorized her to speak on my behalf.”  (if you are bold enough to add, “if you called me, you would just wind up with voicemail, and if you were to email, your email would sit with all the other email I don’t have time to open, so it’s a time savings for you to be in touch with Lindsay who is quite communicative!)

In other words, always good to show the dealer where this is a WIN for them, that they “get” to work through Car Pal.

Comment:  “You don’t need a car buying service.  Do they charge you a fee?  How much?  Oh, that’s crazy, we would give them the same price we give you, so you’re wasting money.”

Answer:  Any answer will do.  They are lying.  Car Pal will always get a lower price than you can on your own, because we deal in volume!  So best to just shrug your shoulders and say something semi sarcastic such as, “Oh, OK, thanks for your input, I made my decision prior to coming to see you.”

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