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Buying a Car the Hard Way

9745757Car Pal received a phone call the other day from Denver, Colorado. The caller said that he found Car Pal on the internet when he was looking up, “National Car Buying Service.” I was delighted to receive his inquiry, and asked how I could help him. He said, “How is your company different from” So, I explained, briefly, how is essentially a search engine for browsing new and used cars, with the option to contact dealers directly from the site. From there, I explained, you are on your own, because after you leave the website you will get the same “shenanigans” from the car dealers you contact that you always did. Car Pal is the “middle good guy.” We protect you from the shenanigans by suffering through any and all of them ourselves, so you don’t have to.

His question gave rise to this analogy: I am planning a party, and I am super busy, and need discounts because there are a lot of mouths to feed, in addition, I can’t cater it myself, because my other responsibilities are more important. So, I call a reputable concierge or catering service from the internet, and ask, “How are you different from Target?” They would be scratching their heads in confusion! Apples to oranges! Where do I begin?

Let’s discuss car buyer’s agents in general. A good one works for you, and you only. They do not collect a “kick back” from the car dealer. Whatever you pay out to the car buyer’s agent, you will get back tenfold in terms of both time and money savings. They (your car buyer’s agent) get a clear idea of exactly what kind of car, truck or SUV you would like to purchase, the price range, new or used, and every last detail regarding your requirements and desires. Then, they go to work on your behalf. They call dealers, research vehicles, and find you the very best deal possible without sacrificing any of your requirements.,, TrueCar, and other car buying sites advertised by credit unions and provide a useful component to your search, but they can never replace you, the car buyer. A car buyer’s agent, in essence, becomes, you the car buyer, and operates as if they are meeting their own needs and spending their own money. In this way, you, the client, has your requirements met. It is your agenda that is top of mind and not the car dealer’s agenda. Always a good thing :).

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