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Top 10 Reasons NOT to Use an Auto Buyer’s Agent to Purchase Your Next Vehicle Online

Using a car buyer’s agent will help you avoid these ten inevitable “perks” of visiting a car dealership on your own.

1. You like to keep a running tab of how many internet sales managers ask, β€œWhen can you come in?”

2. You like the smell of dealership showrooms, particularly when the service garages are attached and you can catch a lung full of fuel or exhaust fumes.

3.Β  For women: Better place to pick up single men than a bar.

4.Β  You have nothing to do on the weekends. Visiting car dealerships is a good way to kill off an entire day.

5.Β  You like to meet new people, particularly sales people, and hear them talk about themselves. This is a good way to improve your listening skills.

6.Β  You know that you don’t leave any money on the table after you’ve negotiated a car deal on your own.

7.Β  Or… you like leaving money on the table after you’ve negotiated a car deal without outside assistance; after all, the owners of these dealerships should make thirty times what the sales associate makes off a sale. As a good citizen, you have to make your contribution to their oceanfront house maintenance!

8.Β  It is fun to watch your sales associate tread the path between the desk and the sales manager’s office. Where else can one watch this kind of circus?

9.Β  It is entertaining to listen to the appraisal manager list the deductions from your ideal trade value. Of course three tiny dings in the center of the hood should cost the dealer a couple hundred dollars to repair. The machine used to suck out a ding (in one second per ding) can be costly to operate!

10. You like to hear the latest management excuses for why a certain accessory can’t be β€œthrown in” with the deal. It helps you generate creative ideas for your child-rearing activities at home.

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