Car Buyer's Agent

What Does a Car Buyer’s Agent Do?

Are you wondering what a car buyer’s agent actually does? Car Pal frequently receives this important question from new and potential clients. Here’s what we do.

We ascertain your needs, then locate your vehicle

Once you hire us, we work exclusively for you. We begin by listening. You tell us your budget and your list of must-have features or options for your new vehicle, and we get to work. Our first step is to locate the vehicle you seek. We search and contact dealerships in your general location. If your vehicle isn’t available locally, we expand our search radius and continue until we find the vehicle you desire at a dealer with whom we can negotiate a favorable, fair deal.

We protect you financially while we negotiate your deal

After we locate your vehicle, we begin negotiating on your behalf. As your car buyer’s agent, we’re primarily concerned with protecting you financially from the beginning to the end of your vehicle purchase or lease process.

Whether you’re acquiring your first car or you’ve done this before, you’re most likely aware that negotiating with a car dealer for any vehicle—whether new, used, or leased—is typically challenging, at best. From a fiscal standpoint, you may have questions about the pricing of vehicle options and about your financing options. Getting clear, honest answers from car dealers is often not easy, and things can become more complicated when they begin offering vehicle option packages that may include features you don’t need and don’t wish to pay for, or when they try to steer the deal toward a vehicle that doesn’t meet your needs. As your agent, we anticipate these things and draw on our experience to handle them for you. We keep the deal on track, working constantly on the phone and in email. Whether this takes hours or days, you pay us a one-time, flat fee. We don’t stop until you have all the answers you need and you tell us you’re ready to proceed with the deal.

We protect you emotionally by making your priorities our own

For most people, acquiring a new vehicle is a major undertaking, and for many it can cause undue amounts of stress. We understand that your budget and your list of must-have features or options for your new vehicle are important, and in many cases, non-negotiable. Because we work exclusively for our clients, we have no allegiance to any dealership or vehicle manufacturer. We’ve worked as a car buyer’s agent for nearly a decade and have the knowledge and experience it takes to recognize and make a favorable deal, while protecting you from high-pressure sales tactics, bait-and-switch schemes, and unnecessary upselling.

We build a relationship with you in the process

As we do with every client, we listen carefully and respectfully to you, and work according to your needs to build your trust. According to a popular saying, “Numbers don’t lie,” and we’re delighted that more than half of our clients are repeat clients. These relationships are among the biggest benefits (and one of our favorite parts) of our serving as a car buyer’s agent!

Save an Average of $2k-5k

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