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Why We Never Hard-Sell You on Car Pal’s Services

The beauty and most refreshing quality of Car Pal’s offerings is that we are not in the car sales business. Though we are sometimes mistakenly referred to as car salespeople, we are—in fact—quite the opposite. We are here only to help you purchase a vehicle. Because Car Pal is a service, our clients occasionally involve us in their decision-making process. They contact us because they understand that we serve as their advocate from the beginning to the end of their vehicle purchase process. That is why we really aren’t predisposed to β€œselling” our services to potential clients. The minute we have to convince or cajole, we have departed from our core beliefs; namely, that we want clients to make their decisions carefully and deliberately, without pressure. If Car Pal embarks on β€œselling” the value of our services, then we start down the path we seek to avoid.

What Car Pal clients understand

Most of our prospective clients contact us because they understand that our years of experience and industry knowledge enable us to help them make favorable deals that they would not be able to make on their own. We don’t have to sell them on our services. They understand that our service will net them savings in both time and money. To build greater trust and confidence in our services, we also send a written money-back guarantee to every client.

Nearly all of our clients have purchased vehicles in the past, and many are great negotiators; however, they simply aren’t interested in negotiating with car dealers.

The difference between Car Pal and car dealers

Most car dealers engage in selling, but not necessarily the kind of selling that is valuable to the buyer. For example, a dealer may persuade a prospective customer to find a substitute for a desired vehicle because it is not in stock, or would require extra effort for the dealer to locate or special order. In one instance, a dealer told one of our clients that a certain vehicle model might fail to start after a long period of not being driven. In reality, that model was a perfect vehicle for that specific client. However, because of the relative scarcity of that specific model, the dealer embarked on a sales pitch for another model. That tactic might have been ideal for the salesperson’s agenda, but it was not in the customer’s best interest.

That is a perfect example of why we at Car Pal prefer not to influence you to use our services. If our business model makes sense to you, we are pleased. If you don’t understand our services or would like clarification, we’re glad to answer any and all questions. But your needs as a client are what matter, and our only job is to save you time, stress, and money in acquiring your new vehicle.

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